33.1 TCP Wrappers Provides host based security. Configuration files: /etc/hosts.allow & /etc/hosts.deny. hosts.allow is checked first. If access isn't explicitly permitted, then hosts.deny is checked. If access isn't explicitly denied, then access is granted. Configuration File Format: o    <service_list>:<client_list> [:options]o            Special keywords ALL - Can be used to represent all clients and/or Read more [...]
34.1 Overview Keeps track of user processes. Originally intended as a way to keep track of resources in order to bill departments/users for their usage. Packages psacct 34.2 Turning On/Off Enabling - Use accton command and specify the file for storing the accounting information. 2.  /sbin/accton /var/log/pacct Disabling - Use accton command without specifying a file. 4.  /sbin/accton 34.3 Viewing Information ac - The 'ac' command is used to print out a report of connection times. Read more [...]
35.1 Overview Kickstart provides a way to do automated installations. The Kickstart configuration file (ks.cfg) answers all the questions that are normally asked during a normal install. Allows you to automate most of the installation, including the following: Language Selection Mouse Configuration Keyboard Selection/Configuration Boot Loader Installation Disk Partitioning Network Configuration Authentication (NIS, LDAP,Kerberos, Samba, and Hesoid) Firewall Configuration X Window System Read more [...]
36.1 Overview Mail processor. Can be invoked via the .forward file, or directly by sendmail. User configuration file is $HOME/.procmailrc. Package: procmail 36.2 Configuration File Syntax Format: 2.  :0 [flags] [ : [locallockfile] ]3.     <zero or more conditions (one per line)>4.     <exactly one action line> Flags See procmailrc(5) man page for a description of the flags. Special characters : Indicates the start of a recipe. Commonly Read more [...]
37.1 Overview Package imap The imap package includes the POP daemon also. Provides POP2, POP3, and POP3s (POP3 over SSL) service. Provides IMAP and IMAPs (IMAP over SSL) service. Ports POP2 - TCP 109 POP3 - TCP 110 POP3S (over SSL) - TCP 995 IMAP - TCP 143 IMAPS (over SSL) - TCP 993 37.2 Setup Executed by xinetd. Simply install the imap package and enable service(s) in xinetd.  Download Latest EX300 Real Free Tests , help you to pass exam 100%. Read more [...]